Bennigan’s Returns to Relevance… Bleeding Green 25/8

Our iconic restaurant has made it a mission to reconnect with the nostalgic public and show the world that by returning to our roots, we can bring the Legendary brand back to relevance.

In “Bennigan’s Returns to Relevance… “Bleeding Green 25/8,” CEO Paul Mangiamele serves up some of the brand’s Irish Hospitality and inspiration by telling the story of Bennigan’s remarkable renaissance.

Both casual readers and restaurant professionals alike will benefit from Mangiamele’s disciplined game plan for business athletes; a concept built around the belief that just like world-class athletes, successful business teams must live their brand, 25/8.

Enjoy, and bleed green!

All proceeds will benefit “Operation Enduring Opportunity,” a program developed by the International Franchise Association (IFA) to assist veterans in becoming business owners.