Step 1

Why Bennigan’s?

Legendary Venues


Our mission at Bennigan’s is to create a Legendary experience for all, and that begins with the atmosphere and overall look and feel of the restaurant. Our efforts are keenly focused on the development of a toolbox that will allow franchisees to build the new generation of Bennigan’s that speaks to our history and pays respect to our heritage.

Bennigan’s has created an exterior package that can be easily adapted to any location because it is composed of a variety of elements that allow easy adjustment and flexibility. At Bennigan’s, we encourage second and third generation remodels and other non-traditional locations.


Bennigan’s has also introduced “Bennigan’s On The Fly” restaurants. These fast casual, non-traditional restaurants will be located in high-traffic markets such as airports, university food courts, and hospitals. This concept also includes the use of food trucks where applicable.

Wherever the arithmetic makes sense, we’ll look into developing. We’re moving strongly forward again, and that’s a testament to the strength of our brand, our franchisees, corporate staff and the great supplier partners we have on our team.



With the success of Bennigan’s underway, another groundbreaking initiative to revive an iconic brand has begun; the return of Steak & Ale. The Steak and Ale return is currently taking on a more viable structure, with initiatives spanning from the menu, supply chain and prototype outlets to equipment, furniture, fixtures and trade dress. The look, feel and family experiences are what create a nostalgic attitude and an emotional connection to the Steak and Ale brand.

The “new” Steak and Ale will sport a complete, fresh look at prototype design. We’ll still have those special touches that harken back to the heyday of the chain in the late Seventies and early Eighties, but they won’t be thematic. The thrust of this comeback lies with the public’s need for the resurgence of these iconic brands such as Bennigan’s and Steak & Ale.