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Bennigan’s bringing new restaurant experience to Mandan

A member of several committees working on economic development in Mandan, Rob Knoll has seen the city’s struggle to attract new restaurants. And faced with a recent study showing a $10 million gap between supply and demand for a sit-down restaurant, he decided to do something about it. Along with partner, Monte Stein, owner of [...]

Bennigan’s bringing new restaurant experience to Mandan2018-09-13T15:27:07-05:00

Bennigan’s restaurant coming to Mandan

MANDAN, N.D. - The famous Bennigan's restaurant is planning to come to Mandan. The franchise will offer Mandan another sit down casual-dining option. The restaurant is still finalizing the development schedule, but Bennigan's is planning to open near Comfort Inn on 27th Street in Mandan. The chain will offer its world famous Monte Cristo [...]

Bennigan’s restaurant coming to Mandan2018-09-13T15:27:07-05:00

Legendary Insights #157 – August 21st – “Walk the Walk”

An excerpt from Paul Mangiamele’s book Bennigan’s Return to Relevance: Bleeding Green 25/8  “Another common sense practice is for all the VP’s and C-suite personnel to get out of the offices and into the field, visiting the restaurants, visiting the franchisees, and visiting the vendor partners. If you are talking the talk but don’t walk [...]

Legendary Insights #157 – August 21st – “Walk the Walk”2018-09-13T15:27:07-05:00