An excerpt from Paul Mangiamele’s book Bennigan’s Return to Relevance: Bleeding Green 25/8 

“Another common sense practice is for all the VP’s and C-suite personnel to get out of the offices and into the field, visiting the restaurants, visiting the franchisees, and visiting the vendor partners. If you are talking the talk but don’t walk the walk, you are an empty suit, a talking head and worthless to the company. Harsh words to be sure, but true enough. I’ve seen executives who walk the food or production line of a manufacturer and don’t even have a clue as to how the product is made, how food is prepped, cooked and presented. To me, that is disgraceful.

Take the time to talk to the people who are serving the food, making the food, prepping the food. I speak enough Spanish and Italian to be dangerous, so I talk to our people and I say more than Feliz Navidad. I talk with them not down to them. Hey, I grew up working in their positions. I know how to wash dishes, cook a burger, take an order, stock a bar and fold a napkin. I love, appreciate and respect what they do every single day for every single shift and it’s important that they know and understand that I care about them. Common sense, right? It’s not so common anymore.”

– Paul Mangiamele, Chairman and CEO, Legendary Restaurant Brands

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