Step 1

Why Bennigan’s?


Our goal is to help you successfully market your brand! We put a marketing calendar in place to help drive sales, increase check average and guest count!

  • Annual Support – a new beverage book and the St. Paddy’s Day celebration
  • Bi-annual Support – two menu prints for the system, daily specials and a bounce back program
  • Quarterly Support – promotions, incentive programs, and the Legendary Times Newsletter
  • Other Marketing Items – Marketing On-line Site, Email Marketing, Social Media Support, New Photography, Pipeline Items/Menu Development

Having a marketing plan is key to running a successful restaurant, not only from your pre-opening events to the grand opening but for every day!

We will provide you with tools and a marketing plan to help you promote your new store opening

  • Before Restaurant Opening – Coming Soon, Now Hiring, Training
  • Role Play Night – Gives staff pre-opening opportunity to wait on guests
  • Pre-Grand Opening – Identifies what you will be doing for grand opening
  • Grand Opening Event – Help put a detailed marketing plan in place to best fit your restaurant and trade area