Step 1

Why Steak and Ale?


For the pre-opening of your first Steak and Ale, members of our Operations Team will assist you every step of the way.

Training timeline includes the following:

  • 45 Days Prior – Pre-opening Meeting
  • 14 Days Prior – Training Meeting
  • Restaurant Set up Week
  • 10-14 Days Prior – Opening Training Team on site
  • 9 Days Prior – Employee Training Week
  • 3 Days Prior – Practice session (role play)
  • Opening Day
  • Opening Week Supervision
  • Follow-up Support

Steak and Ale or a designated third party will provide training to you and your restaurant team.

  • Your management team will be required to complete a 6 to 8 week training program based on prior experience
  • Onsite training will be provided to the entire team before restaurant opening
  • All parties must successfully complete the training to the satisfaction of the Steak and Ale Operations/Training team prior to opening your restaurant

The Operations contact is your consultant and first line of communications with Steak and Ale.

The Operations contact will:

  • Be a teacher for Operators and Managers
  • Provide guidance and oversight on Manager and Employee training and retention
  • Assist in Optimization of Profits and Quality of Operations
  • Audit for the company
  • Protect and enforce the marks of the Steak and Ale brand and its business systems