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Why Steak and Ale?


Distribution Program
LRB (Legendary Restaurant Brands) established food distribution through Sysco in 2015 with negotiated rates exclusive for our brands. Sysco distributors provide food and supply deliveries to restaurants across the US and are also available to use for International distribution. Sysco and LRB manage inventory levels based on purchase history and Supply Chain direction. LRB monitors performance levels regularly between all Sysco distribution centers to ensure supply and demand needs are met consistently.
LRB also maintains contracts with Edward Don, Ecolab, Coke, NCR/Aloha, Mirus, PC Music and Righteous Clothing to ensure all brand standards are maintained.

Supplier Relationships
LRB sources only quality ingredients and manages strategic relationships with our approved supplier partners to continually drive improvement of cost and quality. Leveraging our system volume for the lowest cost while ensuring high quality ingredients are consistently available is paramount to maintaining our brand’s standards and reputation for Chef Driven food.

Cost Analysis / Menu Optimization
LRB Supply Chain continually performs food cost and product sales analysis with collaboration from Franchisees, Marketing and Operations, to optimize our menu development strategy, LTO’s and promotions.