An excerpt from Paul Mangiamele’s book Bennigan’s Return to Relevance: Bleeding Green 25/8 

“Creating and reviewing a strategy, the tactics to implement and the manpower to execute, takes a long time, and sometimes the window of opportunity has closed or has passed by the time the decision to go is made. To use a boxing analogy, this is where you’ve got to act like a tough street fighter.

You’ve got to have your hands up, chin down, know when to bob and weave, see several moves ahead, when to feint or punch or make the opponent miss his punches. And when you’re able to create that opening, you seize it and capitalize on the opportunity.

Bottom line: the key to success is to transform yourself into the true business athlete working the straight hustle, all day, every day 25/8, with no excuses, just performance. “

– Paul Mangiamele, Chairman and CEO, Legendary Restaurant Brands

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